Event History

20190515-16 Wednesday and Thursday

Who: All Knights of the Austin Dioceses; What: Honor Guard; When: Wednesday May 15th from 10:00am to 12:00pm and from 1:00pm to 5:00pm; When: Thursday May 16th from 8:00am to 12:00pm; Where: St Mary's Cathedral, in the Church; Why: Honor Guard for the Relic of St. John Vianney.

Note: We would like to have one 4th degree knight standing guard at all the above posted times.

Note: Point of Contact (POC) is Louis Barron at St Mary's.

Note: If you can help on this mission please call Louis Barron at St Mary's Cathedral. The Church Office is (512) 476-6182 .

20190518 Saturday

Who: All Knights of the Austin Diocecies; What: Fallout; When: Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at 10:15am; Where: St Williams Catholic Church, 620 Round Rock West Drive Round Rock, Tx; Why: Transitional Dioconate Ordination. Select individuals are called to the Sacred Order of the Diaconate and ordained through the imposition of hands and the invocation of the Holy spirit by the Most Reverend Joe S. Vosquez, Bishof of Austin

20190511 Saturday

If you have First Degree Knights attending the Exemplification, bring your regalia and come join us for the procession to and from the 8:00am Mass.

Hope to see you their.

20190506 Monday

Note: St Mary has the meal.

20190428 Sunday (CANCELED)

Notes: Please RSVP either way to Ignacio 512-589-6414.

20190416 Tuesday

20190418 Thursday

20190401 Monday

20190404 Thursday

20190330 Saturday

Note: Almost all 4th degree knows someone in this class because it is a big class. We should show these new Deacons how much we support them.

Congratulations: we must have had about 40 Knights of Columbus and Knights of St Peter Claver in attendance.

20190325 Monday

Note: Expecting around 10 Bishops and other priest. The Bishops will be vesting in Bishops hall and the knights in second grade class. Since this date is the same as our chapter meeting, I hope we can still have enough sir knights to fallout. Thank you. FN 2244, Rudy Gonzales

We had 10 Bishops and 7 knights. Thanks to the Knights of St Peter Claver.

20190302 Saturday

20190304 Monday

Note: Cristo Rey has the meal.

20190211 Monday

Note: The POC for this activity is Jesus Tristan, 512-293-1774.

20190204 Monday

Note: St Louis Has the meal

20190126 Saturday

On behalf of our Worthy Master Don Ream, l'm sending the following:

There will be two Pro-Life Masses celebrated on Saturday, Jan 26 at 10am. St. Louis Parish and St. Jose Parish.

Please Fall Out at 9:00am at either Parish.

The Texas Rally For Life will follow the Masses. At 1pm participants will gather 14 St. and San Jacinto for the March for Life to the South steps of the Capitol, where the Rally will begin at 2pm.

Finishing with the Ministries Fair at 3pm on the Great Walk of Capitol Grounds, and Congress Ave.

The Worth Master ask that you please reach out to your 3rd Degree members, and ask them to put on a K or C shirt and stand in front of the crowed at South steps of the Capitol.

20190114 Monday

Note: Bishop Vasquez is the main celebrant.

20190112 Saturday

Note: Bishop Garcia will be celebrating the mass.

20190107 Monday

20180105 Saturday

20190103 Thursday

Internment to follow at Cook Walden Capital Parks Cemetery in Pflugerville.

20190102 Wednesday

20181229 Saturday

Rollie said we had a good fallout with six knights. I was out of town for new years

20181224 Monday (Christmas Eve)

This was a beautiful Mass with Bishop Joe. We had 8 Knights at fallout for this event.

20181212 Wednesday


This is the annual Our Lady of the Guadalupe Celebration and we have been invited to participate by Guadalupanas.

Thanks to Rudy, Rollie, Lupe and Roy for participating in this fallout.

20181203 Monday


The minutes are posted on the web site. Follow the link named "minutes"

St Austin has the meal

20181201 Saturday


The procession will start at St Mary Cathedral and go to San Jose, about a 3 mile walk.

A con-celebrated Mass with Bishop Vasquez and Auxiliary Bishop Garcia will take place at 10:00am at San Jose.

Fellowship will occur after the Mass from 11:30am to 12:30pm at the San Jose Parrish Hall.

I do not think there will be shuttle buses from San Jose back to St Mary, I suggest that you attend in groups, show up early enough to prepossession a vehicle at San Jose for the ride back to St Mary.

Parking is available at St Mary in the parking garage. You can only park in designates spots at St Jose.

20181111 Sunday

14 faithful Knights honored those that gave the ultimate sacrifice on the 100th anniversary of the end of hostilities of the war to end all wars.

Following the Parade

20181110 Saturday

Note: All sir knights are invited to participate in this function.

Thank you, Lupe, Rollie, Rudy, and Roy

20181105 Monday

Note: The minutes are posted on the web site. Follow the link named "minutes" on the index page

20181026 Friday

20181009 Tuesday

Note: We will be Honor Guard for the Bishop

Adella Jimenez

Brother Joe's wife Adella has gone home to the Lord. Please Keep Joe in your prays.

We will be having a fallout to support Joe. Times are as follows:


Nice Fallout with about 24 knights.

Funeral Mass


A meal and fellowship will follow at San Jose Parish Center.

Giacomo Leone Please call if you have any questions. 512-983-7576

If you do not want to be on this list contact me at 512-964-4787. Denis

20181006 Sunday

20181001 Monday

Note: St Mary has the meal. 20180915 Saturday

We had four Knights attend the 4th degree Exemplification. Welcome Danny Rudy and Gunther to our Assemble.

20180918 Tuesday

20180910 Monday

Note: St Julia has the meal

20180831 Friday

Note: Please contact Ignacio if you have any questions Ignacio, 512-589-6414

20180902 Sunday

Our garage is at the corner of MLK and San Antonio.

Honorary Arrangements for Bishop McCarthy:


Date: Thursday, Aug. 23, Casket arrives ~4 pm. Escorting the Casket and Standi$

Date: Thursday, Aug. 23, 7 p.m. Bishop Joe Vásquez officiating. SKs arrive by$

Location: St. William Parish, 620 Round Rock West Dr., Round Rock, TX, Vesting:$


Date: Friday, Aug. 24, 2 p.m. Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza; homilist, Msgr. Elme$

Location: St. William Parish, 620 Round Rock West Dr., Round Rock, TX, Vesting$

Let us give thanks to God for the priest and Bishop that he was to so many peop$

In Christ,

Cameron Meeker
Faithful Navigator
Assembly 2245

Note: I understand that Archbishop Joseph Fiorenza will say the Mass.

Note: Parking may be an issue.

20180809 Tuesday

20180806 Monday

20180713 Friday

4th Degree Officer Installation Sunday 2018 07 15

We will be having our Officer Installation Sunday July 15th at 1:00 pm to 2:30 in the Parish Activity Center. We have a window of 90 minutes so we?ll start with a light Lunch and refreshments for $5.00 each from 1:00 to 1:45, with the installation to follow. All are invited especially our brides and significant others. Please bring a check or pay at the door. Please e-mail me back and let me know how many will be attending by Thursday July 12th so we can have an accurate count for food. Dress, for the day is the F/N?s in Regalia either the new Uniform or the old Regalia with the other Officers in Social or a Dark Suit. There is a Mass at 11:45 if you would like to attend Mass as well. Also please don't forget to bring your Officer Jewels as well, take care and God Bless!!

2018 06 30 Saturday


A reception will be held after Mass. Come enjoy coffee, juice and a treat. At the reception, various resource materials will be available on many family support programs.

2018 07 02 Monday

Note: Sacred Hart hart has the meal, I believe it is going to be BBQ so come and join the meeting as the new officers take charge of the Assemble.